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Close Up

The zoo is a fun place to try to create images you haven’t created before. This last visit I focused on the patterns and textures of the animals fur, feathers, skin or whatever else covers their bodies.

Empty Streets

Empty streets in Calgary’s downtown core on a week day are rare. At 6 am with the lights in my favour I can sometimes find an empty street to stand in and make an image or two. After that though, I need to get off the street. People want to get to work and they don’t appreciate my need to make an image.

Wonderland #2

The other day I posted an image from inside this sculpture looking at the Sun. I find this sculpture equally as interesting from the outside. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to climb on it. Many have tried but the fun police (building security) came and yelled at them.


The sky changes by the hour or even by the minute. Clouds roll in and bring a little rain then they roll out and bring a little sun. Just wait, they say, if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute.


Down an alley, a shortcut of sorts. I look at each door and they show their own type of wear and tear. How the handle makes a circular mark on the door, the dark patches along the bottom of the wall and the light mark down the roll down shipping door. Each mark has its story and adds to the character of the image