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Last Walk

Yesterday was the last walk of 2016. We walked up on Nose Hill and took a moment to create a few images. It was a beautiful morning. We saw people walking dogs, a coyote keeping an eye on us as we walked along  and a three deer foraging in the shallow snow. I great  way to enjoy a winters day.


A field like many others. Carefully fenced to keep the livestock in. There is no livestock today. They are in a different field that probably looks just like this field.

The road to fall


This road will take you to fall. The leaves litter the road and the sun highlights the yellow fall colours. It is a quiet road and that is a great way to have it. A quiet place to just enjoy the surroundings.

Abstract #2


One more abstract black and white image from the same place as yesterday’s image. If I find one image If I have time I will look around for second or third image. In this case I did find that second image. It was worth looking around.

Summer Flower


Warm Summer days are great for neighbourhood walks. It is great to see what is happening close to home. Along these walks are many opportunities to create images. This image is a weed growing along a fence near an alley. I liked the bright yellow and the dark shadow in the background. A few quick edits, a square crop and the image is completed.

Tree Trunks


A sunny day in a tree filled park. Finding some relief from the heat in the shade of the trees.  As I look through the viewfinder all I see are tree trunks, the legs that support the branches and leaves.