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Numbers stenciled on the wood. What are they for, why are they out of order? These are the tops to be hives and the numbers are simply to keep track of which hive is which. The stencils numbers are added to the wood then the wood is dipped in melted wax to protect the wood and the numbers from the weather.


It is the a word we hear a lot. Sometimes it seems to be the first word a child learns and I’m pretty sure it is the one the say the most. In this image it is “NO PARKING” painted with a brush on a wall in an alley. Some say we become sign blind at some point, not noticing signs that have been there for a while and that we pass every day. I wonder how many signs you go past on the way to work or on your daily walk?


Carefully with his bare hands he works his way through each hive frame by frame to see how the bees are doing. Is there pollen? Is there honey for the bees to eat? Are there any eggs? These hives look strong  after a long winter but they are having to work hard to find pollen so the beekeeper, my Brother, helps them out by added some “pollen patties” for them to eat while they wait for more flowers to bloom.

Bee Calm

The smoke drifts out into the sunlight, swirling in the air. The bees are calm now, letting the beekeeper open the hives and inspect them this cool spring day. They have survived the winter but they will need to get to work soon to survive the spring and mother nature needs to provide more pollen for them to gather.


Under my feet, across the rusted steel grate was a diagonal yellow line. It carried over from the pavement one side of the grate to the pavement on the other side. It was one of many lines making the markings of a crosswalk in a mall parking lot.

I stood there and looked, then I made a few images. As I looked up I could see people looking at me wondering what I was doing and wondering why they could not see I could see. The bold yellow and the faded rust, the vertical and horizontal line dissected by this bright yellow stripe. I am glad I can see these things as I walk around. Life is more interesting when I see Images in the ordinary.