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Numbers have no meaning unless we give them a meaning. The definition of a number could be positive or negative. Acknowledge the number you are given but make your own definition for this number. Make it great, wonderful and uplifting like pressing the buttons in an elevator. When you get in the elevator on the ground floor any number you choose will always lift you up.


Above that perfect breakfast table and that perfect Gerbera Daisy hangs this amazing light fixture. Window Light from the right lights the right rim of the light fixture. The left side of the fixture is outlined by the change of colour on the ceiling. Place the camera on the table and make a few images. I find this image interesting; light and shadow, hard curves and soft light. Hanging above our heads was an image worth capturing.

Hi & Low

A blank white wall with a stainless steel fountain. Simple and somewhat artistic. I like to capture the ordinary in images to make them look more interesting than they appear.

Morning Light

It is a cool dark overcast morning a few seconds before 5:30. I walk to the train. I’ve been here before and saw the light. This time I will not to rush by, I stop and make a few images.

I like interesting light sources. They all seem to do the same thing, light our way but it is eye catching when they get creative with the light fixture.


When I’m waiting for anything I’m always looking for possible images that are interesting to me. While going down in an elevator I thought I would try and capture the changing lights as I passed each floor. Having the number 2 lit up and the large black “2” above it at the same time was my goal. I found the older font of the black “2” against the stainless steel cut out numbers of the elevator interesting.


Some time I find subjects that bring a bit of symmetry to the image. These chairs in a study area where almost symmetrical in their placement. I find symmetry creates a pleasing balance to an image for me.


The other week we had some spring snow. It was fun seeing how the snow could balance itself on most everything in landed on. This chain is on the back gate and the sun peeks through the space between the fence boards. A few hours later the sun had its way, warming up the day and melting the snow away.


Numbers stenciled on the wood. What are they for, why are they out of order? These are the tops to be hives and the numbers are simply to keep track of which hive is which. The stencils numbers are added to the wood then the wood is dipped in melted wax to protect the wood and the numbers from the weather.


It is the a word we hear a lot. Sometimes it seems to be the first word a child learns and I’m pretty sure it is the one the say the most. In this image it is “NO PARKING” painted with a brush on a wall in an alley. Some say we become sign blind at some point, not noticing signs that have been there for a while and that we pass every day. I wonder how many signs you go past on the way to work or on your daily walk?