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River Watcher


On the same day as yesterdays photo we sat below the Bow Falls and watched the water, the mountains and the people. Although it was busy with tourist behind us it was what was in front of us that made us forget about all those people.

Hanging around


I talked with this person that was hanging around outside my office. He said he would work until late in the evening because it might rain the next day. He can’t work when it rains so he does as much as he can when the sun shines. He washes the windows and washes the panels/siding on the building. Basicly he and one other guy clean the whole outside of the 21 story office tower I work in in about five days. Not too bad.


Cool Down


I have not been down to the river for a while. I am not sure why it surprises me when people swim in the river but it does. The water is so clear you can see the bottom. It is cold but on a hot day it is refreshing. This person rode his bike by me to the river’s edge. He stripped his clothes off and went for a swim.  This day I saw four other swimmers and two surfers. All these people enjoying the river just steps from the office towers of downtown Calgary.

Choose your path


This path is a good one. It is the path to fitness. Calgary has almost 800 kilometers of bike paths. That is great for those who like to run, walk or cycle.  Some of the paths are used year round and cleared of snow in the winter time.

This path goes by the community of inglewood and is not a popular as the ones near the downtown core but that is okay with these three people riding and running at their own pace in the summer sun.



The Stampede Parade was last Friday. Unfortunately I was working but fortunately I can see the parade from my office.

I made a few images from my window with a longer lens. I liked the lines of the marching band members as they marched by this gap between two buildings. I have a few more image from the parade that I will post here later in the month.