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The Warmth of the Sun

I don’t take many photos of people although I make exceptions. This person was enjoying the suns warmth, carrying a small retro green suitcase. I just had to try and get an image. With my camera at side hanging from my wrist a made this one image. If you look closely they have their eyes closed and are enjoying the warmth of the sun on their face. It’s the small pleasures that make life better.

Summer on the river

Walking by the river on a hot summers day watching the rafts go by. People take to the river when it gets warm. An attempt to cool down. It works if you get wet. The river is so cold but on days like this, no one minds the cold water.

Stairway to Heaven

This was a very steep dirt path going into Nose Hill Park. Over the last few weeks we could see from a distance they were working on the trail. We went up to see what was being done and behold a new set of stairs replacing the steep path. This is the place my child likes to go to recharge. The park is in the middle of the city but there are many parts of the park where you can’t see any city at all and the sound of the wind through the trees almost drowns out the sound of cars on the surrounding roads. Lots of wonderful prairie flowers and the odd dog to pet along the way. A great place for a walk.


At 5:30 in the morning you can get a seat on the train, sit comfortably and read a book or stare at your phone. Those that stand in a packed train like sardines at 7 am are just starting to wake up. I think I’d rather have a seat and some space for my commute.