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Summer on the river

Walking by the river on a hot summers day watching the rafts go by. People take to the river when it gets warm. An attempt to cool down. It works if you get wet. The river is so cold but on days like this, no one minds the cold water.


On Nose Hill I find many shelters made of windfall. These aren’t used as shelters but usually more like day forts for kids(and adults) that play on the hill.  Walking through the trees will almost always bring you to a structure like this. Some are more creative or well thought out others are quickly put together. It is always fun to find a new one.

City Hawk

As I walked through a parking lot along the railway tracks I could hear the hawk call. Soon he came into sight flying circles above me around the noon hour sun. I don’t see hawks very often near the down town office towers although there is plenty for them to hunt.

Spring Pond

A week ago this man made pond was without water. It is nice to see it filled with water and showing off it’s beautiful reflections. This is a nice little park with a path around the pond. It even has workout stations for those energetic types. I found out recently that it is also a gym for those that play Pokemon.


The weather is ever changing. Sunny one moment and cloudy the next. From on top of Nose Hill you can see the rain coming and going for miles. We did not get the rain on this walk but we did get these magnificent views.


After a long cold winter the ground outside the beehives are covered with the lifeless bees who did not survive. Those that did survive clean the hive daily of debris and, yes, the lifeless bodies. No ceremony or morning that I could see just the effort of taking them to the edge of the hive and let them fall to the ground adding to the carpet made up of the lifeless.

Red Breasted Nuthatch

I was at my brothers place on Sunday afternoon. The snow had melted by then and the sun was out. Up in an old Crabapple tree a pair of Red Breasted Nuthatches were busy burrowing into the tree to make a nest. They would take turns going into the tree, you could hear the tapping of their beaks and then they would pop out of the hole with a beak full of wood shavings and drop them to the ground. I enjoyed listening to them chirping away as they worked.