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A Free Meal

One of the fun parts of the Zoo is watching all the none zoo animals eating the zoo animals food. The birds are everywhere. Sparrows, ducks, geese, crows and magpies find a free meal. Crows and Magpies like eating with the bears. Where ever there is food there will also be field mice and voles. Lots to watch if you just look past the zoo animals.


A summer sunset from a week or more ago. I was creating images looking the other way and turned around to see this great scene. This reminds me to always be looking around to see what I might be missing.

Wolf Lichen

The morning sunlight is caught in the bright wolf lichen as it clings to the old shake roof of a cabin in the woods. Mother Nature has been painting with her beautiful colours again.

Bowing Trees

The trees appear to bow to each other in a friendly greeting as the sun brings the start to another day. A park, with a little imagination, can be filled with fantasy and wonder.