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My favourite time to swim at the lake was when it was lightly raining. The water was calm, no one else was out and the water felt a little warmer than on a hot sunny day. It was peaceful.

Looking Out

Looking out the window from the back seat. This is another image from a recent trip showing the view as we traveled along. The clouds were amazing and ever changing. It can be tricky to get the image you want but with a little practice and a lot of miles, it does get easier.

Prairie View

The view from the road is ever changing like the prairie weather. Storms brew, the sun shines and the fields change colour with the seasons. Whether it is an afternoon drive in the countryside or a long journey to a faraway place, the ever changing view is the best part.

Originally posted on Instagram @traceimages yesterday. Click on image to see a larger view.

Prairie Weather

The changing weather of the prairies is easy to see from far away. Most storms are small and pass by quickly. These where threatening clouds that never delivered on their threat. The wind carried them away without any rain and we were back in the sunshine again.


Somewhere between Golden and Revelstoke, the smoke became thick and the visibility was poor. As we rounded the bend we saw the source across the valley. A fire burning, or more like smoldering in the beautiful forest of the national park.


A summer sunset from a week or more ago. I was creating images looking the other way and turned around to see this great scene. This reminds me to always be looking around to see what I might be missing.


Not far from shore, through the cat tails is a dock leading to the water. Old aluminum boats line the dock waiting for someone to take them for a row. This boat was a Simpson Sears boat giving an idea of its age.

As a kid, our family had an aluminum boat like this that was power by a motor (not oars). It was the best boat. It hauled people, groceries, construction materials and even a large cast iron wood fired cooking stove. It was a work horse but also a pleasure to take around the lake. Some boats don’t look fancy and don’t need to be fancy to be a great boat.

Smokey Sunrise

As the sun rose higher into the morning sky it started to break through the smoke from near by forest fires. It brought an amazing colour to the early morning on the beach of a quiet little lake. A peace full place to sit and enjoy the sound of silence.