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My Brother raises bees. The more I find out about bees the more fascinated I am with them.

This is a close-up macro image on a newly built honeycomb. As my brother held it up yo the sun to inspect the bees progress I stood on the other side and capture the sun illuminating the amazing structure the bees have created.

Busy as a Bee


Here is another image from the weekend at my brothers bee hives. He was inspecting each comb to see what was happening. Here you can see the different stages of the new bees. The bees are busy making sure all the new ones are taken care of. Quite the site to see.



Bees-7603-2Bee-one and bee-two get ready to take off to forage for pollen. They are lined up like planes on a runway waiting for clearance to take off.  It is a start to a busy day for them.

I had the opportunity to visit some urban beehives. It was an amazing experience. My brother is venturing into the beekeeping life. He has two new colonies and I was there while he was checking in on the progress of the two hives. Once I was focused on creating images I forgot that there were bees flying all around me (I did not have a bee suit on). If you take the time to watch bees they really are fascinating.