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Plywood Canvas

Many construction sites have plywood walls and roofs built around the sidewalks to protect the pedestrians from the construction site. These blank walls are often left to weather over the years of construction. A new construction site has allowed graffiti artist to use the plywood as a large canvas. It is amazing the precision of these artists only using spray paint.

Door of Words

In a quiet park behind a secluded bench is this door covered in words. I think the correct term is “tags”. Every once in a while it gets painted over and then a short time later the words start to appear again. Interesting and varied fonts and styles.A short lived expression on ones art.


Graffiti comes in all types, good bad and somewhere in the middle. This graffiti was on a fence along a rail line. It was just visible enough from the street to catch my eye, the rust metal fence with the bright yellow robot. It looked like he was waving high and wanted me to come over for a visit.