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Fireweed is one of my favourite wild flowers. I the late summer or early fall the flowers go to seed with this wispy white hairs that look like smoke. This is the origin of the name. It reminds me of the area I grew up in. The mountains always had fireweed when ever we went exploring.



Yesterdays country drive brought us to this beautiful field of Canola in full bloom. I had to stop and make a few images. It was so peaceful and quiet on the side of the country road. No sound except the wind in the leaves and grass. The clouds were building in the distance to bring an afternoon thunder shower to the prairies.

After the Rain


After the rain the warm evening sun emerges on last time for this day. The sun illuminates the soft white petals of the flowers giving them a warm yellow glow. The remains of the rain sit on the flower just until the sun warms them away.

Mountain Flowers


About five years ago in early August we traveled through a small town in the mountains called “Field”. The highway passes by on the other side of the river and not many people take the time to go into this very small town(less than 200 people). We were glad we did. We had a spectacular lunch and walked around looking at all the steep roofed houses (this was to help the snow slide off in the winter time). The one thing that was wonderful was the explosion of colour from the beautiful flower gardens around these houses. A great place to stop and stretch our legs and fuel our bodies before we continued our trip.

Day Dreaming


Down the street from yesterday’s photo there was one of those groomed green grass spaces with this beautifully blooming tree. I made this image admiring the tree and the blue sky. I went for a little walk and when I returned there was a beautiful Harley Davidson Motorcycle with a sidecar and under the tree was the rider lying in the grass looking up at this same scene.

If the weather is as nice today as it was then I will make a point of finding my own quiet place to daydream, even if it is only for a moment. A short daydream is better than no daydream.



Retreating on a rainy weekend to the garden center. It was full of colourful plants and warmer/dryer than outside. The garden center is fully stocked for the upcoming growing season. Of course there are plants everywhere but there are also pots, watering cans and these watering wands. The repeating patterns of colours and shapes was fun to photograph. I might make my way there another day to make some more images.



The May long weekend is considered the first camping weekend of the year. It is also the weekend that it often snows in the mountains (on the campers). This year it was cold and snowing in the city. Many of the trees, bushes and plants bowed down to the snow. Lucky for the plants the snow did not stay long and didn’t damage any of the trees or plants.

As the snow ended I headed out to create some images of the rain and snow. This is one of the soon to blossom Peonies in our yard. The rain beads on this bud and magnifies what is beneath the droplets. I find macro photography a great opportunity to slow down and observe what many do not see.

Going to Seed


It seems a little early for plants to “go to seed” although this one is an early bloomer. It usually is the first flower of the year (except for dandelions). This hairy little seed pod was once the beautiful purple Prairie Crocus that I have posted photos of here before. It is the first to poke through the snow to tell us winter weary people that spring is coming. Now it shows us the shaggy side of itself. These hairs reaching for the sky are very soft to the touch. I think they are rather whimsical, like nature is getting more artistic/creative than usual.



Every day more blossoms appear. It is so colourful and wonderful. Spring brings a different type of photo subject. Winter is over bring on the flowers.



Most of the year they are just trees. They are covered in leaves like any other tree. Although in the spring the show their personality. The explode into the fantastic trees of colour. Pink, white and all other colours. They are beautiful to look at and fill the air with the fragrance of spring.Pink-8302