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Along the river path near the city core are wonderful flower gardens. As I walked along I admired these purple flowers that seemed to be in the shape of a perfect ball. Upon closer look I was wrong. it was not a single flower but many tiny flowers that create the spherical shape making it even more fascinating.

Folded Paper

This morning the first red Poppy emerged out of it shell. The petals where a crumpled like folded paper. I went to get my camera and when I got back they had started to stretch out and reach for the sun. I like the texture of the petals, I find them very interesting.

The smell of spring

The smell of spring is almost as great as the colours of spring. Flowers blooming in great numbers bring mixes of aromas to the air. It is a pleasant addition to the daily walks.


A single Gerbera Daisy with a short stem in a small mason jar. Simple, understated but perfect for the the table where I had breakfast with my child. A Dad and child day starts with breakfast out. It was was a simple and understated breakfast but also perfect because of my child being there with me.