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Looking Up

I had time yesterday to walk around the downtown at lunch. Looking up at all the new buildings and their glass skins. This one has interesting lines and the court yard below it is almost complete. It will be worth a visit when the fences come down and I can walk around it with my camera in hand.

Water Wagon

In the old days, they tried to keep the dust down on the dirt roads. This is from Heritage Park and they water the road the horse wagon rides go on to keep the dust down. I liked red and white of colour of the wagon and the dust around the horse’s hooves.


I went down to the city streets today for a few minutes. At about 9 am the sun was lined up with the avenues and alleys of the downtown area. This creates perfectly straight shadows parallel to the roads. It is fun to see that time of day and try to make some images.

Path to the water

St. Patricks Island was a forgotten island. After a recreation of the island a few years back it has become a destination for many people and mostly families. They created a safe water area fed by the surrounding river but with less current and hazard to those using it. Lots of paths, play areas, and picnic sites make this a great park just a short walk from the downtown core of the city.

This is one of the paths to the water area. The path goes right through the water and the kids seemed to like riding and walking through the ankle deep water.