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Rail Line

This is the view as you arrive on the train from the west. The view to the east down the transit tracks is long and straight bordered by tall glass towers. The new C-Train platforms have elegantly curved glass roofs to provide some shelter from the weather but they also look like metals trees lining the street.


A look in a mirror, the reflection of the room behind me.The elevator door the red tile line on the wall.A simple image of a simple reflection. What could be missing.

To me this hole in a wall looked like a mirror. The illusion is there but my reflection is not. I thought it was interesting and might make an image that would make the viewer think about what they are looking at.


This is the new Smithbuilt building. Smithbuilt is a hat maker and know best for their cowboy hats. For years this was an old abandon seed and feed building along the tracks. It had lots of possibilities as it was a unique structure. I am glad to see someone has brought it back to life with ints of its former purpose incorporated in its modern design.

The View at the End.

In real life this hallway looks a lot different to my eye. The camera sees it differently than I do. The best part is I like how the camera see things. With a camera I can control the light the camera sees and create images that are different. Not a lie but a interpretation of what the light is or can be. I guess you can call it creativity.

Looking Down

I was shown this cool building with many repeating patterns and shapes. I had to get as high up as I could and try to make an image or two.The overlapping stairs caught my eye first then the people below. They look so small.


In Canada the winters can get cold and in some cities they have tunnels between buildings so you have warmer options to get around. This is one of the tunnels at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. I like the lighting on one side and the two people I was with walking of in the distance.

The Hall of Doors

Five feet Wide and what seems to be almost endless in length as it stretches before me. I found this hall in a building I was passing through and it looked like a carnival fun house of mirrors and the doors are just reflections of each other or an endless hallway with an infinite number of doors like in some scifi movie. I would almost think that if I would open one of the doors there would be another hallway just like this behind it.



Walking the halls of a university was a treat for the eyes. There where lots of interesting shapes and patterns.

I cam across these lockers and the first thing that I saw was the clever way the lockers overlap each other that reminded me of Tetris.  It created an interesting pattern. Then there was the colour each locker was painted, each one a shade lighter or darker than the next locker.  There was four different colours then it would repeat again. It was worth a stop to create a few images.