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The Grand Entrance

Old churches have some of the grandest entrances. Sandstone, brick and solid wood doors. Did the craftsmen making this church think their work would stand the test of time?Think of all the people over the years that have passed through these door. Weddings, funerals, christenings and weekly Sunday service.


Walking the alleys can bring up interesting sites. These are patched up windows and doors. I find these a lot. I wonder why they where patched up and what was there before. The changes in buildings was someone’s idea and it leaves these colourful brick patches for people to see.



I created this image a while back and for whatever reason I can’t quite remember ¬†which building this was. I do know that I like the composition. There is just enough of the bucket from the demolition machine so the rest of the image makes sense. Without the bucket in the image it would be hard to understand what was going on with this pile of debris.



This is a late summer image from the University of Saskatchewan campus. A beautiful and very green campus (at least some of the year). The use of bricks in the campus architecture is a common theme. It adds a beautiful texture to compliment the many trees and green spaces. A great place to learn and grow.



I created this image last winter. The demolition of another building with many stories. Now it is a vacant lot waiting for the right developer to come and make it into condos or office space. I don’t think the stories will be as good as the stories in this old building.