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The Hall of Doors

Five feet Wide and what seems to be almost endless in length as it stretches before me. I found this hall in a building I was passing through and it looked like a carnival fun house of mirrors and the doors are just reflections of each other or an endless hallway with an infinite number of doors like in some scifi movie. I would almost think that if I would open one of the doors there would be another hallway just like this behind it.



Walking the halls of a university was a treat for the eyes. There where lots of interesting shapes and patterns.

I cam across these lockers and the first thing that I saw was the clever way the lockers overlap each other that reminded me of Tetris.  It created an interesting pattern. Then there was the colour each locker was painted, each one a shade lighter or darker than the next locker.  There was four different colours then it would repeat again. It was worth a stop to create a few images.

The Grand Entrance

Old churches have some of the grandest entrances. Sandstone, brick and solid wood doors. Did the craftsmen making this church think their work would stand the test of time?Think of all the people over the years that have passed through these door. Weddings, funerals, christenings and weekly Sunday service.


Walking the alleys can bring up interesting sites. These are patched up windows and doors. I find these a lot. I wonder why they where patched up and what was there before. The changes in buildings was someone’s idea and it leaves these colourful brick patches for people to see.



I created this image a while back and for whatever reason I can’t quite remember  which building this was. I do know that I like the composition. There is just enough of the bucket from the demolition machine so the rest of the image makes sense. Without the bucket in the image it would be hard to understand what was going on with this pile of debris.