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Red Breasted Nuthatch

I was at my brothers place on Sunday afternoon. The snow had melted by then and the sun was out. Up in an old Crabapple tree a pair of Red Breasted Nuthatches were busy burrowing into the tree to make a nest. They would take turns going into the tree, you could hear the tapping of their beaks and then they would pop out of the hole with a beak full of wood shavings and drop them to the ground. I enjoyed listening to them chirping away as they worked.



One more image from the Calgary Zoo. It was a rainy wet day in August and the animals were active because it wasn’t too hot for them. The food had just been put out and the grizzlies where eating away. I made a few images of them eating and of the crows stealing the bears food. I also made some more abstract detail images like this. The wet grizzly fur on the other side of the wet fence. There is something I like about this image.



Sometimes I think I have the perfect candid moment … the they see me. This Mountain Goat was at the Calgary Zoo. Yes I could drive an hour west and find them in the wild but at the zoo I have a better chance of finding them (and they know how to pose for a photo at the zoo).

Water Dog


Bring together a dog and some water and you have a happy dog. If the dog has a stick and a person to throw it then it is the happiest day for the dog.

This is an area that fills with rain water on the top of Nose Hill Park. It is a great place to watch dogs. Even though it is in the middle of an old gravel pit there is a park bench for people to sit and and watch the dogs play. It brings a smile to everyone who walks by.



The Calgary Zoo has many species of animals. The tiger has to be one of the most intriguing. They move so effortlessly and they are always aware. This tiger would stop and stare at something in the distance. It would stay like this for what seemed like minutes. The focus that is critical in the wild for a hunter, a survivor.



Another Child walks by and the snow leopard’s eyes follow along. Sitting quietly almost invisible in plane site. I was watching and I was not sure if he was interested in them or hungry. He just stayed in this spot and watched as people moved by. A beautiful animal that I only want to see this close when they are in an enclosure.




A peacock is trying to get away from the children chasing it. Everyone wants a picture of the peacock, the full peacock. I like the hiding peacock better. It is where he wanted to be and I wanted to leave him in his hiding spot.



Sometimes Animals look like they are posing. The are just looking so regal in their surroundings. This goat was no exception. He is not in the wilds but at the zoo so he probably okay with people coming by and taking photos and now that I think of it he  is posing.