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A look in a mirror, the reflection of the room behind me.The elevator door the red tile line on the wall.A simple image of a simple reflection. What could be missing.

To me this hole in a wall looked like a mirror. The illusion is there but my reflection is not. I thought it was interesting and might make an image that would make the viewer think about what they are looking at.


Above that perfect breakfast table and that perfect Gerbera Daisy hangs this amazing light fixture. Window Light from the right lights the right rim of the light fixture. The left side of the fixture is outlined by the change of colour on the ceiling. Place the camera on the table and make a few images. I find this image interesting; light and shadow, hard curves and soft light. Hanging above our heads was an image worth capturing.


This is an abstract image from a grocery store. I was walking into a grocery store and they had a chandelier hanging from the steel and concrete ceiling. It look wonderful from straight below so I put my camera on the concrete floor and created a few images. It turned out to be this interesting abstract image.

Boxed In

I saw these three pendants hanging inside a box detail on the ceiling. As I walked under them and then looked up they created an abstract scene. I made a few images to get the pendants to all appear to be inside the boundaries of the box. The focus falling on the pendants, letting the ceiling fade out of focus just ever so slightly.



Light is the base of all photographs. Without light there would be nothing but a black image.

As I walk through buildings I notice how the use of light in interesting ways can enhance a space, just like light can enhance an image. I am sure it can be hard to justify the cost of elaborate lighting, most people walk by without taking notice. I guess that is the point, well thought out lighting creates a feeling in a space that can be felt by those occupying or passing through a space.

Canvas of Brick

A canvas of brick and mortar for the sun to paint a tree out of shadows.

Out walking on a sunny spring day I found this shadow of tree. In a month or so this shadow will be different once the leaves appear. Maybe a trip back is in order to capture the leafy new shadow.


Under my feet, across the rusted steel grate was a diagonal yellow line. It carried over from the pavement one side of the grate to the pavement on the other side. It was one of many lines making the markings of a crosswalk in a mall parking lot.

I stood there and looked, then I made a few images. As I looked up I could see people looking at me wondering what I was doing and wondering why they could not see I could see. The bold yellow and the faded rust, the vertical and horizontal line dissected by this bright yellow stripe. I am glad I can see these things as I walk around. Life is more interesting when I see Images in the ordinary.