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Reflection of me.

This is an abstract image of my reflection in the stainless steel doors of the elevator I was riding in.Interesting to me was the mirrored effect left to right of the reflection and the lights.


Sometimes an experiment turns out to be an interesting image. This is a long exposure image captured from a train coming out of a tunnel. The x pattern is part of the concrete walls and the movement can be seen as lines across the image.


Sometimes the interesting thing is at your feet. Shadows and textures draw my eye to an interesting abstract image. I try to remember to look around me to see things from a different perspective.


This is a beautiful sculpture in downtown Calgary called Wonderland. It is a 12 metre high wire mesh sculpture of a young girls head. From inside the sculpture the wire mesh gives an abstract look at the world around it.

View to the Sky

Parked on the street waiting for someone to return to the car. I look around at whats going on outside the car. I then open the sunroof and look up. I watch the clouds drift by the tall apartment building with the almost never ending balconies. A cool breeze the shade of the building. Very relaxing. I brought out my camera and made an image of this view to the sky.

Sky Line

Walking through a covered parking structure and I saw this sliver of blue sky between two building. A blue streak between two dark walls. Worth stopping to take in the colour, the contrast and the moment.