Little Feet


One of the great things about winter is being able to see all the tracks from little feet. It is amazing how many little animals scurry across the snow leaving their tracks behind. When the snow is gone it is almost impossible to know what little animals are around (or watching me).

Big Sky


One thing I enjoy about living in the prairies is the big beautiful sky. It is ever changing and (almost) always interesting. I find clouds fascinating to watch as they move across the sky, ever changing.

This image is a combination of three horizontal images stacked on top of each other. This gave me the ability to capture a lot of the sky.

Country Road


Getting out of the city on a blue sky day is always nice. A country drive brings all kinds of views. This is the view up the road we came down. The two cows at the end are still watching us to see what we are up to. We are doing the same thing they are, enjoying this warm sunny day in the middle of winter.

I love the country side around the city. Many say it is so brown in the winter but if you really look you will see all the colours of winter and they are fantastic.

Winter Water


Yesterday we reached plus 14° Celsius. This happens a couple times every winter and it makes all the outdoor skating rinks into lakes. I saw this rink on my way home from the main road. I took a few minutes to stop, walk around and make a few images. I like reflections and today there was no wind so the reflections were quite nice.

Sun & Sahdow


Nature can create amazing shadows. These are familiar to any prairie wanderer. The Trembling Aspen groves on the prairies are beautiful in the summer winds but the also create beautiful shadows on the winter’s snow. This is an Image from Nose Hill Park in Calgary.

Praire Farm


The prairie winters can be ever changing. This is the view of a prairie cattle farm in the beginning of February (yesterday). No snow, lots of sun and above freezing temperatures. The cattle seem to like it as they are set to graze on the leftovers from harvested fields.

This is a combination of eleven images to give you an impression of the vastness of the prairies. The colours seemed even more brilliant than I could show here. The blue sky and this fantastic warm yellow/gold  colour of the field. Click on the image to see a bigger version.



A fast train and a slow world creates an abstract image. When I ride the train I like to set my camera to the slowest shutter speed, place it against the window and see what I can create. This is one of those abstract images from a recent train ride.

City of Glass


The new iconic view of Calgary. The Calgary Tower is never seen as it hides amongst the giant towers of glass. The new kid on the iconic block is The Peace Bridge. A once very controversial bridge because of both design and cost. But that was many years ago. now it is loved by most and used by many. A great addition to the city.