Most of the year they are just trees. They are covered in leaves like any other tree. Although in the spring the show their personality. The explode into the fantastic trees of colour. Pink, white and all other colours. They are beautiful to look at and fill the air with the fragrance of spring.

Prairie Crocus


A beautiful day to walk on Nose Hill with my family. Many signs of spring are here. Vibrant green leaves on most of the trees, FLowers pushing through the thick brown grass and lots of people out enjoying this wonderful time of year on Nose Hill.

This Prairie Crocus was near the end of our walk. It was facing the full afternoon sun and this made the purple petals look almost white. I exposed for the pedals so I would get detail in this area. I had a higher aperture to get most of the flower in focus. I am happy with how this image turned out.

Secret Space


There is a secret spot under the stairs. As we walked through a back hallway to this stairwell I noticed this secret spot. It is well lit quiet and would be a great place to grab a chair and read a book without anyone knowing you were there.

I like the light in this spot and the bright red pipe for the fire sprinkle system just adds a little something.



As I walk through another building I could see this building through the window. I liked the bricks and the small pane windows but it was the diagonal  shadow (Or maybe the diagonal light). That caught my attention. I stopped for a brief moment and made this image.

I did a little cropping to get the composition I was looking for as I did not have a zoom lense to get a tighter composition in camera. I also saw this image as a black and white image so I converted it to black and white and I like the end result.

Old School Porcelain


I was in an old school and when I went into the washroom I was reminded just how old the school was. The washrooms had not been updated for years and I thought it would make a good image. I made this image because I like the repeating pattern of the urinals and how the white porcelain stood out against the dark tile.

It was hard to make this image. I was backed into a corner because the room was so small. I made two images, one above the other, then stitched them together to make this final image.



I came across these day lockers for those who don’t want to pack their belongings around all day. Most of them where locked but there still was a few left. I am one of those that likes having my bag with me.

I like the alternating colours here and the odd open locker door to break up the solid wall of doors. It was an interesting spot.

Darkness and Light


I was in an old building. Each hallway was dark except for this one. It was the one light that was on in the whole area. I walked by once and then came back with my camera. I liked the reflections on the dark walls in the hall. It reminded me of a movie where something bad was going to happen.

For this Image I had to underexpose quite a bit. The camera wanted to brighten everything making a more evenly exposed image. This was not the look I wanted. A few quick adjustments and I was able to create the image you see above.

Spools of Colour


I was walking down Broadway, popping in and out of stores. Some very unique and beautiful stores. This one store sold eco-friendly and handmade products and clothing. I the drawer of an old cabinet I could see these spools of colured string. Naturally dyed and organized by colour. I liked the colours and the fact that the bottom row was not quite in line with the other two rows. I was an image waiting to be made.



As I wait patiently, I look across the hall at a grey wall. Just down the hall a door is open and it adds a splash of colour to this black and white image of a hallway. I look at it and see an abstract image, a possibility. Simple and interesting, so I make an image.

Sometimes there is something that catches my eye but is not a recognizable image. It is not a tree, a building or a person it is simply lines, shadows, colours or a combination of these. sometimes it is pleasing to the eye and sometimes I want the viewer to think about what it is an image of.

Saint Marry’s Cathedral


I like to create images of buildings. I find how buildings were made fascinating especially in the era they were built. This church is made of what seems to be hundreds of thousands of bricks but the most impressive part is the multi piece sculpture that is directly over the entrance.

I created this image in the morning. This part of the building faces north. The Left side of this image faces east and the warm yellow light of the rising sun can be seen on the edges of the steeple. The light is what I like best about this image.