Curvey Reflection


A new building a few blocks from my office is getting its skin. The glass is amazing. It curves in and out creating fantastic reflections. I the center-right of this photo a complete building is reduced to a long narrow reflection because of the extreme curve in the glass. Someone made the decision for this added expense of making a curved glass clad building instead of a square or rectangular building. I am sure the cost for that decision is very high but the pleasure people will get watching the reflection change as the move along the street will be priceless.

Hanging Around


As I walk down the sidewalk I may look like I am up to something (bad). I am looking around much more than the other people on the street. Well I am only looking for a good photo opportunity. I find that if I look around, up & Down and sometimes even behind me I see something of interest.

This day I was walking and talking with someone else. We stopped at a red light waiting for the walk signal. As we stood there I was looking around and found these two guys hanging around washing windows. I had to take a few steps back to get them to silhouette against the sky. I made a few images and continued on. I did notice after I made this image more people looked up to see what I was interested in. Hopefully they found it interesting too.



Looking at a new Building through an old sign on a walk in the sun. It is the old and the new that makes me notice how they clash or compliment each other. In this city there is no shortage of old and new and sometimes the old is removed to make room for the new. I think some would call that progress.



Retreating on a rainy weekend to the garden center. It was full of colourful plants and warmer/dryer than outside. The garden center is fully stocked for the upcoming growing season. Of course there are plants everywhere but there are also pots, watering cans and these watering wands. The repeating patterns of colours and shapes was fun to photograph. I might make my way there another day to make some more images.

Spiraling Down


A while back I posted a photo looking up at these stairs. I was standing on that grey floor way at the bottom. This is the view from a few floors up. As I said before I like the compositional opportunities that these kind of stairs give. I could spend a lot of time trying different angles from different levels . When I do that I tend to get odd looks from people going up or down the stairs.



The May long weekend is considered the first camping weekend of the year. It is also the weekend that it often snows in the mountains (on the campers). This year it was cold and snowing in the city. Many of the trees, bushes and plants bowed down to the snow. Lucky for the plants the snow did not stay long and didn’t damage any of the trees or plants.

As the snow ended I headed out to create some images of the rain and snow. This is one of the soon to blossom Peonies in our yard. The rain beads on this bud and magnifies what is beneath the droplets. I find macro photography a great opportunity to slow down and observe what many do not see.



I have mentioned before that I find light fascinating. If there was no light there would be no photographs. On the same note if there were no shadows there would be no photographs. A delicate balance of light and shadow create photographs and if you get it just right you could have a great photograph. I strive for that, looking for the balance of great light, great subject and some darkness/shadow. It is not always easy to find this trifecta but that is what makes photography interesting for me, the never ending pursuit of improving my craft.



My Brother raises bees. The more I find out about bees the more fascinated I am with them.

This is a close-up macro image on a newly built honeycomb. As my brother held it up yo the sun to inspect the bees progress I stood on the other side and capture the sun illuminating the amazing structure the bees have created.



There is a store called Plant and it specializes in terrariums so it has lots of succulents. I like going into this store because of the many things I can photograph. There are endless possibilities. They have a new location with large glass overhead garage doors so the light is great for making images.

This is one of the many plants they carry. I liked this one because of the smooth repeating shapes. It is strange looking and sometime strange is also interesting.