Monthly Archives: September 2017


These little sparrows are everywhere and many people disregard them as common birds. If you take a moment to watch them they are quite fun to watch. The fly here and there and land in the most amazing spaces. They like flying through these wire fences and when they land it is like they are landing in a picture frame.

The Barn Cat

Everyone wants to pet the horse but the best animal to pet on a farm is the barn cat. They don’t always like people but when you finally convince them to come to you they show their appreciation.

This cat has six toes. He liked being pet but when he was tired of it he simply walked into the corral with the horses where people couldn’t go. When I asked the youngest farm girl (probably five or six years old)what the cat’s name was her answer was quite simple. She said “His name is Six Toes” with a look like what else could it be.

A Prairie Cloud

A late summer country drive to see the field changing colour from green to golden brown. The one solitary cloud floats above on a slow trip across the sky. It reminded me of our country drive. No rush and no particular direction to go just move along the fields and take in the scenery.

The 5 Minute Lake

As dusk was approaching I went to the dock at the edge of the lake. The water was rippled by the wind. To make it smooth I put on a 10 stop neutral density filter. Think of a piece a grey glass you can’t see through. This allows me to make long exposure image to smooth out water or eliminate objects that move. The camera will only see what stays still long enough. This was a 5-minute exposure to smooth out the water and bring enough light to create this image.