Monthly Archives: July 2017

Path to the water

St. Patricks Island was a forgotten island. After a recreation of the island a few years back it has become a destination for many people and mostly families. They created a safe water area fed by the surrounding river but with less current and hazard to those using it. Lots of paths, play areas, and picnic sites make this a great park just a short walk from the downtown core of the city.

This is one of the paths to the water area. The path goes right through the water and the kids seemed to like riding and walking through the ankle deep water.

Summer on the river

Walking by the river on a hot summers day watching the rafts go by. People take to the river when it gets warm. An attempt to cool down. It works if you get wet. The river is so cold but on days like this, no one minds the cold water.


I left for work at 5:30 am and drove North. Sometimes my work takes me out of town into the countryside. This morning I was trying to make good time but the urge to make a photo of this beautiful sunrise was greater. I found a side road so I could pull well off of the main road. From there I walked into a field and made a few quick images. The colour of the sunlight was amazing. Forest fire smoke has that effect on the morning light. It was worth stopping.


I looked up saw this plane. Quickly pull the camera out and make a single image. Something works for me with this image. The negative space or the of set composition? I’m not sure right now but I do find it pleasing to my eye.


On the way to the grocery store (Safeway) at lunch and someone was having a bad day. I made a few images closer up but when I was walking away I looked back a saw this composition. I thought it made a better composition and then it says “Safeway” on the sign beside it, that was just perfect. (click on the image to make it larger)


The sun rises as another week starts. Many people are off to work for another week. Some are off on vacations and adventures. The sun doesn’t care what people do but the people care to see the sunrise every day and warm our summer days.

The River and the City

The relationship of the river and the city is amazing but they are also very independent of each other. The city flows around the river not taking much notice of the river and the river flows through the city taking little notice of the city around it. On a hot summer day, the river becomes more important as people look for ways to cool off. Soon the river is full of rafts taking people for a float down the cool flow of the river.


Making images from the train window. This time I was trying to catch a car going the same speed as the train. This will keep the car in focus but blur the areas around the car. After many attempts, I finally managed to capture this moment.