Monthly Archives: June 2017


At the noon hour on a sunny day it is nice to go walk along the river pathways. Some times they are closer to the road that the river but it is still nice to be outside.

Country Road

As a family we love to drive out of the city into the countryside. The main country roads you drive with other traffic behind you and coming towards you. Everyone is traveling at 100 Kilometers an hour. The views are amazing as the green fills the field and the sun moves across the land chasing the shadows of the clouds. Then I turned down a gravel road. with no one on it except me and then the best thing happened I pulled over by a little creek, turned off the car and we rolled down our windows. The cool breeze blew the stale air out of the car. the smell was amazing and we listened to all the sounds nature was making. We all could feel our souls recharging. Why don’t we do this more often?



A prized possession for me, a proud Dad. An envelope with my name in my childs handwriting and a little heart . I don’t need much for Father’s Day, spending time with my child is the best gift I could ask for.

View to the Sky

Parked on the street waiting for someone to return to the car. I look around at whats going on outside the car. I then open the sunroof and look up. I watch the clouds drift by the tall apartment building with the almost never ending balconies. A cool breeze the shade of the building. Very relaxing. I brought out my camera and made an image of this view to the sky.


Down by the track behind the cover of the train art is created with cans of spray paint and some great talent. The pigeons agree. The are always looking down on this great art.

Sky Line

Walking through a covered parking structure and I saw this sliver of blue sky between two building. A blue streak between two dark walls. Worth stopping to take in the colour, the contrast and the moment.


I like shapes created by shadows or the lack of light. This shape created by the shadow drew me to this wall. As I got closer the texture of the concrete really stood out. I created a few images and was able to capture what I saw as I was standing in front of this wall.


Sometimes I return to places I have created photos. I try and look at the scene differently or look at a different part on the scene. I have created images here before and there is something about the orderly nature of the electrical conduit that draws me back.