Monthly Archives: June 2017

Office Towers

Apartment buildings and office towers line 6th Avenue. When I look at the street from the third floor of a walkway between two building the people and cars look very small far below these buildings. I like the view down these straight gaps between the buildings.

Big Red Ball

The Red Ball is in town for the week. Every day it is at a different location. Yesterday it was at the skate park wedged under a bridge. It was fun to see the people come and go taking picture of or with the Red Ball. Check out or for more information.


This is a beautiful sculpture in downtown Calgary called Wonderland. It is a 12 metre high wire mesh sculpture of a young girls head. From inside the sculpture the wire mesh gives an abstract look at the world around it.

Prairie View

A beautiful day on top of Nose Hill Park. You can see all the way to the Rocky Mountains on the horizon. The pillowy clouds fade off into the distance. A peaceful spot for a sit to soak it all in.

Stairway to Heaven

This was a very steep dirt path going into Nose Hill Park. Over the last few weeks we could see from a distance they were working on the trail. We went up to see what was being done and behold a new set of stairs replacing the steep path. This is the place my child likes to go to recharge. The park is in the middle of the city but there are many parts of the park where you can’t see any city at all and the sound of the wind through the trees almost drowns out the sound of cars on the surrounding roads. Lots of wonderful prairie flowers and the odd dog to pet along the way. A great place for a walk.

The Bow River

The Bow River flows through Calgary and is bordered by paths, parks and green spaces. These are always full of people enjoying the the warm summer days. Soon rafters will be floating on the water and enjoying the city from a different point of view.

City Hawk

As I walked through a parking lot along the railway tracks I could hear the hawk call. Soon he came into sight flying circles above me around the noon hour sun. I don’t see hawks very often near the down town office towers although there is plenty for them to hunt.