Monthly Archives: May 2017

The smell of spring

The smell of spring is almost as great as the colours of spring. Flowers blooming in great numbers bring mixes of aromas to the air. It is a pleasant addition to the daily walks.


Above that perfect breakfast table and that perfect Gerbera Daisy hangs this amazing light fixture. Window Light from the right lights the right rim of the light fixture. The left side of the fixture is outlined by the change of colour on the ceiling. Place the camera on the table and make a few images. I find this image interesting; light and shadow, hard curves and soft light. Hanging above our heads was an image worth capturing.


A single Gerbera Daisy with a short stem in a small mason jar. Simple, understated but perfect for the the table where I had breakfast with my child. A Dad and child day starts with breakfast out. It was was a simple and understated breakfast but also perfect because of my child being there with me.

Hi & Low

A blank white wall with a stainless steel fountain. Simple and somewhat artistic. I like to capture the ordinary in images to make them look more interesting than they appear.


Graffiti comes in all types, good bad and somewhere in the middle. This graffiti was on a fence along a rail line. It was just visible enough from the street to catch my eye, the rust metal fence with the bright yellow robot. It looked like he was waving high and wanted me to come over for a visit.



The weather is ever changing. Sunny one moment and cloudy the next. From on top of Nose Hill you can see the rain coming and going for miles. We did not get the rain on this walk but we did get these magnificent views.


This is the new Smithbuilt building. Smithbuilt is a hat maker and know best for their cowboy hats. For years this was an old abandon seed and feed building along the tracks. It had lots of possibilities as it was a unique structure. I am glad to see someone has brought it back to life with ints of its former purpose incorporated in its modern design.


This is an abstract image from a grocery store. I was walking into a grocery store and they had a chandelier hanging from the steel and concrete ceiling. It look wonderful from straight below so I put my camera on the concrete floor and created a few images. It turned out to be this interesting abstract image.


The best part of the day is the early morning. It is still quiet and not many people about. The light is fantastic and the sunrises can be spectacular. This day the sunrise did not amount to much more than what you see but it was still a beautiful morning.