Monthly Archives: April 2017


Carefully with his bare hands he works his way through each hive frame by frame to see how the bees are doing. Is there pollen? Is there honey for the bees to eat? Are there any eggs? These hives look strong  after a long winter but they are having to work hard to find pollen so the beekeeper, my Brother, helps them out by added some “pollen patties” for them to eat while they wait for more flowers to bloom.

Bee Calm

The smoke drifts out into the sunlight, swirling in the air. The bees are calm now, letting the beekeeper open the hives and inspect them this cool spring day. They have survived the winter but they will need to get to work soon to survive the spring and mother nature needs to provide more pollen for them to gather.

Red Breasted Nuthatch

I was at my brothers place on Sunday afternoon. The snow had melted by then and the sun was out. Up in an old Crabapple tree a pair of Red Breasted Nuthatches were busy burrowing into the tree to make a nest. They would take turns going into the tree, you could hear the tapping of their beaks and then they would pop out of the hole with a beak full of wood shavings and drop them to the ground. I enjoyed listening to them chirping away as they worked.

Spring Snow

Saturday night it was snowing. It is spring but it still snows. The best part was waking up Sunday morning to the blue sky and rising sun. I made my way around the yard capturing the snow that was carefully balanced on many things. I like this image of the snow balanced along a lilac branch and around an emerging bud.

Canvas of Brick

A canvas of brick and mortar for the sun to paint a tree out of shadows.

Out walking on a sunny spring day I found this shadow of tree. In a month or so this shadow will be different once the leaves appear. Maybe a trip back is in order to capture the leafy new shadow.


Under my feet, across the rusted steel grate was a diagonal yellow line. It carried over from the pavement one side of the grate to the pavement on the other side. It was one of many lines making the markings of a crosswalk in a mall parking lot.

I stood there and looked, then I made a few images. As I looked up I could see people looking at me wondering what I was doing and wondering why they could not see I could see. The bold yellow and the faded rust, the vertical and horizontal line dissected by this bright yellow stripe. I am glad I can see these things as I walk around. Life is more interesting when I see Images in the ordinary.


It is 5:55 am and I stand alone on an empty train platform waiting for the train that will take me to work. I spend my time looking at what’s around me and making a few images. This scene caught my eye for two reasons. First the light was very interesting in the way it adds texture to the image. Second was the conflicting patterns of the chain link fence and the corrugated steel siding on the building.