Monthly Archives: December 2016


At an antique sale I found this brass dish full of spoons. They where the spoons from places with colourful tops. I liked the random order of the bottom of the spoons for this image. It leaves where the spoons came from up to your imagination.


I hand a chance to stop at the Blacksmith at Heritage Park. Lots of things to look at. One railing was full of old horse shoes. I loved the disruptive pattern on these shoes. Worth creating an image or two.


We have a Christmas tradition of going to the christmas displays at a local historical park, Heritage Park. It was a pleasant winter day to go for horse drawn wagon rides, have hot-chocolate and admire the historical decorations in the different houses. A great day of family fun (and I got to create some images as well).

This house was interesting. none of the lines seem to be straight with other lines. but I like the simple wreath and the rustick charm.

Three Bridges

The three bridges for the modes of transportation. The top is light rail transit the middle is a pedestrian and cyclist bridge that hangs under the rail bridge and the bottom is the automobile bridge. Interesting how they all seem to go at different angles. Not sure I like this image but the three bridges in one photo was what made me stop and create this image.

Red Crane

The red crane against the blue sky. I had to stop and capture this colour combination. Another hole in the ground by the river that soon will be towering condos. The ever changing skyline of a big city.


A week of very cold weather has brought the flowing Bow River to a standstill. There are small parts that are still flowing but most of the river is frozen. It brings a new look to the river for those who brave the cold walk along it.


I like this image. It is as it was when I saw it. It looks like a black and white image but it is a colour image that just looks monotone. I like the texture and that there are three bolts (odd numbers seem more appealing to me).