Monthly Archives: December 2016

Last Walk

Yesterday was the last walk of 2016. We walked up on Nose Hill and took a moment to create a few images. It was a beautiful morning. We saw people walking dogs, a coyote keeping an eye on us as we walked along  and a three deer foraging in the shallow snow. I great  way to enjoy a winters day.


A little window shopping in Inglewood. Lots of great ideas for home decor. I like this light with the old style filaments. It can be mesmerizing to look at the glow.

Summer Home

One great thing about winter is being able to see all the vacant summer homes the birds have left behind. This one was in a tree in the middle of downtown. I am sure very few people where aware it was there when all the leaves where on the trees.

I enjoy the lines of the tree branches and nest sticks going every which way. There is something interesting about it.

Snow Day

Even though it didn’t snow today it felt like an old school snow day. The type of day where nothing needs to get done and only the thing you want to do are important. Those are good days to have every once in a while.

Christmas Eve

We are having a white Christmas. Two day ago it looked like it would be more like a brown Christmas. In the last day we have received a lot of snow. It transforms the city into a winter wonder land (Unless you have to drive anywhere). I am now in my warm house, surrounded by loved ones and waiting for santa to arrive.

While running last minute errands this morning,  before the light of day, I saw this tree decorated with lights, fresh snow and hearts. It reminded me that the things I enjoy most about Christmas is connecting with people that fill my heart with joy. It is nice to get gifts but I would take joy over any gift.


I am sure some children are hoping for a train set for Christmas. This image reminded me of that. These are train engineer hats stacked together. I was drawn to the patterns of both the fabric and the thread.


The shortest day of the year, the winter solstice. An evening walk on Nose Hill in the dark of an early night. The lights from the roads, the city and the cars do little to break up the dark. Ribbons of snow lead us along the paths glowing white against the dark ground. We stop and listen to the silence of the hill before we go back.