Monthly Archives: November 2016



This mornings sunrise was amazing. It started as a soft glow and then a few minutes later it filled the sky with colours. I grabbed my camera and from my back fence capture a few images of the fleeting colours. A great way to start the day.

The Chinook Arch


A welcome sign to a cold winter day. The Chinook Arch is an indication of warm weather to come. Clouds form an arch across the western sky and temperatures rise. One of the good things about of living through a canadian winter so close to the Rocky Mountains.



As I sit on the train we move along. The cars on the road move against our flow. I press the lens against the window and hold….1..2..3..4.. all the way to 15 seconds. I do it again and again. There are dirty windows and the train bumps and wiggles but I don’t care. The imperfections add to the abstractness of the image.

Pathway to the Clouds


Here is an image from last July. It is a small park on the edge of a few busy roads. It has lots of hills and trees and is a great escape on most any day. you can hide in the shade of the trees or walk in the warmth of the sun. It is your choice.

Old tree by the river


Down by the river, years after the flood, the old tree still stands. It is a sign of strength and resilience. Even though it is not living anymore it still stands watch over the river. At first glance it may not seem of use but it is a perch for some birds and it’s hollow cavity is a nest for others.

Glass Mountains


The new International Terminal at the Calgary Airport was very large and very shiney. The floor seemed to reflect everything and this corridor was lined with never ending glass mountains.