Monthly Archives: November 2016



The majestic Rocky Mountains. Tall enough to reach the clouds. Close to my home but I don’t take the time to visit them as often as I should. Till we meet again.

Prairie Art


This is an art installation on the Leighton Art Center property. Rows of old trees place across the prairie grass. Very interesting and ever changing as you walk towards and around the poles.

Busy as a


I remember it well, it was a warm summer day in the prairies. The Rocky Mountains in the distance, wild flowers everywhere. The best part was watching the bees go from flower to flower collecting pollen and helping the flowers.

Have a Seat


At the top of the hill is a bench. It is welcome sight for those who don’t walk the hill often. It is a place to catch your breath and take in the view in every direction. When you are ready it is time to explore more of the hill.



In the dark of night down the alley lights shine on the back doors of many buildings. With this light we can see the word no in symbols and signs; no parking, no smoking. In the dark of the night the word being spoken most is a silent word and the word is no.

Flower in the woods


A small spot of sunlight makes it way through the leaves on the trees. It finds the one tiny flower on the forest floor.  The flower stretches to reach the light and in return the sunlight makes the flower glow.



The Bow River flows so smooth and inviting as it approaches the weir then the water boil and churns as it falls past. It looks calm when approaching from upriver but it is not a place to boat or swim. The river can be unforgiving and this is one of those places.