Monthly Archives: October 2016

Frosty Morning


As we creep closer to winter the mornings are getting colder. Mix the cold with a little fog and nature creates beautiful frost. It is still cold but a little easier to take the cold when there is something beautiful (like a frosty morning) to look at.

The Chair


“Wait in here. You can sit in the chair if you want. ”

“I think I won’t. I’ll wait.”

It looked like it should have restraints, but it didn’t.

Waiting, waiting, waiting …

“Hi, thanks for waiting. Please sit in the chair.”

He sat in the chair. They talked. Everything was okay.


Abstract at 90 kph


It was a cold and foggy morning. The fog became frost on the leafless trees. It wasn’t too light out but that helped with the abstract images I was creating.

Once again my job took me out to the countryside. After a meeting and dropping off a truck I grab a ride back to the city with a co-worker. Since I was the passenger I could experiment with some long exposure images taken out the window at 90 kph. This is one of the resulting images.

Quiet Reflection


A peaceful place under the blue summer sky. The calm water reflecting what’s overhead. the quiet of nature interrupted by the songs of birds. Just one more moment of this place, just one more moment before the return to the city.

Forgotten Lights


Behind an old building that is not in use anymore sits this outdoor storage yard. Someone put a lot of effort into storing these old street light heads but mother nature has put more effort into weathering the covers and shelves away.

I thought the weathering of the shelves and covers was interesting and the weeds growing out of the cracks were a testament to the fact that this area has been forgotten.the lines in the concrete caught my eye as well, not many of them are square or rectangular.

Old Caution


As I walk around the city I find many old signs. Some do not have any purpose anymore and have never been removed although some still mean what they say. Here is an old sign on a power pole that still means what is says even though it is very old.

I like the textures in this image as well as the different fonts on the sign. The rust and ageing sign as well as the would add some character. The newer aluminum inspection tags contrast the older parts of this power pole.

Forest Signs


It was a nice walk in the forest along the river. Sunny, warm and the sounds of nature. Then I find a traffic sign along the path. Someones fun idea that I am sure catches walkers by surprise.



One more image from the Calgary Zoo. It was a rainy wet day in August and the animals were active because it wasn’t too hot for them. The food had just been put out and the grizzlies where eating away. I made a few images of them eating and of the crows stealing the bears food. I also made some more abstract detail images like this. The wet grizzly fur on the other side of the wet fence. There is something I like about this image.



Sometimes I think I have the perfect candid moment … the they see me. This Mountain Goat was at the Calgary Zoo. Yes I could drive an hour west and find them in the wild but at the zoo I have a better chance of finding them (and they know how to pose for a photo at the zoo).