Monthly Archives: October 2016



A simple alley scene converted to black and white. Many stories to be told about this place but no one is around to tell the story. It is left up to us to understand the story by what we see not what we hear.

Fences and Bricks


Between building in this small space a fence stands to keep people out. I like the light and texture in this scene. I also like the conversion to black and white. A simple image of a random scene in the city.

The Artist Cupboard


In the artist’s studio an artist creates works of perfection. The studio is a place of inspiration and creativity. It is also a place of chaos and disarray. I like the seeing the Chaos and disarray like this studio. It is fascinating to see the final art work and know it came from here.

Water Mirror


I created this image a few years back. I remeber people walking by wondering what I was doing kneeling on my gloves in the mud. This was my favourite image because of the small ripples in the water made the sign reflection distorted. Sometimes imperfect is, well, perfect.



Not far from where I live in a small industrial area. There are lots of Images to be created. I pass this car when I go down a side street to a bottle depot. The Yellow Clematis creeps over the car throughout the summer. I am sure this was a beautiful car years ago but now mother nature has slowly removed the “shine” from this car.



I was looking through some old images and came across this one. This image was created almost 6 years ago on a family trip to Disney World in Florida during Christmas in 2010. This was in an area called Animal Kingdom. I remember that it wasn’t Florida warm that year but it was warmer than Canadian winter. A great family trip and a great memory.



This is a late summer image from the University of Saskatchewan campus. A beautiful and very green campus (at least some of the year). The use of bricks in the campus architecture is a common theme. It adds a beautiful texture to compliment the many trees and green spaces. A great place to learn and grow.