Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Calgary Tower


The iconic Calgary Tower is certainly the dominating part of this image although there are other gems to be found. The great reflection of the right of the building on the left. The beautiful Palliser Hotel in the center of the image. It is one of the oldest and grandest hotels in Calgary. The red in the tower mirrored in the red brake lights of the traffic. Sometimes I create an image for one reason but when I process it I see all these other reasons that drew me to this image but I didn’t know it at the time.

Evening Sky


I was at the dog park as the sun was setting with my Brother and his dog Juno. We just stood and watch as the clouds changed colours in the setting sun and the crows flew to Nose Hill to roast for the night.

The road to fall


This road will take you to fall. The leaves litter the road and the sun highlights the yellow fall colours. It is a quiet road and that is a great way to have it. A quiet place to just enjoy the surroundings.



A dark alley dimly lit. The signatures of those that have come and gone. Soon to be painted over so the next visitor can spray his name on this wall.

Two Eyes


Two security cameras pointed in the same direction. It must be an important area if it takes two cameras to keep an eye on it.

This was the reason I stopped and made a few images. I thought it was odd that both cameras pointed in the same direction. Is this on purpose or did someone move them after the fact to point this way. Either way it makes for a quirky image.

Little Church


This beautiful little church is on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon. Most of the building on campus are stone but this church is all wood. it made it stand out. I liked the shapes in the window and if you look closely you can see an identical window on the other side of the church through this window.

Five Stations


Sometimes I come by something that I want to capture. I am not sure why at the time and sometimes I am not sure later either. In this case these five computers were setup in a hallway. Nothing else but the computers. I liked that it was an odd number, I liked the texture on the wall and I thought it would make an interesting image. I took a moment and made a few exposures and I think it works.


Hanging around


I talked with this person that was hanging around outside my office. He said he would work until late in the evening because it might rain the next day. He can’t work when it rains so he does as much as he can when the sun shines. He washes the windows and washes the panels/siding on the building. Basicly he and one other guy clean the whole outside of the 21 story office tower I work in in about five days. Not too bad.


Morning Light


I have created images from here before. I like the point of view from here. It is almost as if I am on the outside of the building (which I’m not). On this morning I was attracted to this view by the soft morning light and the colours as they changed.