Monthly Archives: September 2016



It was the colours and the dirt that made me stop and look. The sign says private and someone left a shopping cart there. It was all interesting and I thought I could make an image out of it. Stop, click and go.

Moonrise, Sunrise


The other morning there was a spectacular sunrise. The colours were amazing as they reflected off of the glass clad city towers. As I looked up I noticed a sliver of the moon. It was a game. The sun was rising to chase the moon across the sky.

Around and Down


I find myself in this building eight or ten times a year. These stairs are not used much because there are lots of escalators and elevators. Many people are carrying bags so they don’t want to use the stairs.

I like going where others don’t. Explore the quiet parts of the building. On my most recent visit to this building I had some spare time so I thought I would explore the stairs and see if I could create a few images. I like this image although I have a few ideas for some different perspectives. I will be coming back in just over a month. Hopefully I can create something new and different.

Old School #2


Here is another image from a university campus. I find most university campuses very beautiful in the spring, summer and fall. There is lots of outdoor green space and big beautiful trees. Everything is so well maintained. It is a great place to go to escape the city and traffic. A great place to relax in the shade of a large tree.


Old School #1


I love old buildings. The skill of the trades that built then are amazing. The sandstone detail work on the building had me looking for a while. Jost the detail in the multiple arches would have taken some time to complete. Each brick is carved to meet the next and so on. Just wonderfull.

Framed Sunset


I was leaving a building at the end of the day. I took the stairs instead of the elevator. That decision brought me to this scene. The sun setting behind these tall trees all neatly framed by this window in the stairwell. I stopped and watched for a while the made an image. What a view.



During back to school shopping i found lots of interesting subjects. I really liked the zig zag lines formed by a table full of binders. I got some strange looks as I created this image but I also got a great image. It was worth the looks.