Monthly Archives: August 2016

Washing and Greasing


It was a nice day trip to a small town. The modern world has brought it change to this town. As big box stores line the new main road the older part of town seem to be forgotten or stuck in time. Beautiful old building show signs of what they once were. No the are a measure of passing time.

Bubbles #2


Here is another image from last week when someone put soap in one of the water features in a local park. This guy walked past me and disappeared into the bubbles. I like him in the image as it show a sense of scale and just how high the bubbles were.



When I see puddles I look for the reflections. This puddle was in the middle of a parking lot nothing special but when I walked around and looked for a reflection I found this one. I got down low with the camera and created an image. I flipped this image over so the reflection is on the top and the real world is on the bottom. I like it.

Cool Down


I have not been down to the river for a while. I am not sure why it surprises me when people swim in the river but it does. The water is so clear you can see the bottom. It is cold but on a hot day it is refreshing. This person rode his bike by me to the river’s edge. He stripped his clothes off and went for a swim.  This day I saw four other swimmers and two surfers. All these people enjoying the river just steps from the office towers of downtown Calgary.

Morning Light


A sliver of morning light slips between the towers and slides along the concrete wall. The whole scene changes as the light and shadow move in their morning dance. If you stop and watch you can see the changes. It move before your eyes and you are witnessing the birth of a new day, the rotation of the earth and the perceived movement of the sun.



A peacock is trying to get away from the children chasing it. Everyone wants a picture of the peacock, the full peacock. I like the hiding peacock better. It is where he wanted to be and I wanted to leave him in his hiding spot.

Relection at the pond


With every breath of wind or ripple across the water the image changes. Pick the moment and create the image for others to see. The ripples distorting the reflection the grasses standing tall. This was the moment I chose.



Every now and again, about once a year, someone puts soap in the water feature near my work. Yesterday I came by here at about 5:50am and this is what I saw. The bubbles where everywhere and very large. In some places the reach 3 meters high. For the next few hours people stopped and took pictures of this amazing sight then the parks maintenance people came by with leaf blowers and blew all the bubbles away.

Small window – Big view


It was a small upstairs bedroom. A single bench sat in the middle of the room, beautiful art was hanging from the walls. A small window at one end of the room framed a beautiful view of the prairie just past the roof and the mountains in the distance.



Sometimes Animals look like they are posing. The are just looking so regal in their surroundings. This goat was no exception. He is not in the wilds but at the zoo so he probably okay with people coming by and taking photos and now that I think of it he  is posing.