Monthly Archives: July 2016



With some construction there has to be destruction first. This is the case throughout the city as the repave existing roads. In the evenings the heavy duty equipment is parked all in a row waiting for another day.

For me, this was an interesting scene. The equipment is parked where school buses normal park to let off students. Also I was amazed at how deep they are going to remove the old road before they put in the new road.



Before they fly off to Nose Hill for the night the crows come to this fresh cut school field and eat their fill of whatever they can find in the grass. Then as we continued our walk they all started to gather in the middle of the field. Why? I am not sure but they all flew to the one group, a murder of crows.



Tree Trunks


A sunny day in a tree filled park. Finding some relief from the heat in the shade of the trees.  As I look through the viewfinder all I see are tree trunks, the legs that support the branches and leaves.



I created this image because of the orange buoys in the water but now that I see it again I see what I was composing as more than that. The flow of everything in the image seems to go from left to right. The cars, The cyclist and even the buoys seem to draw my eye that way. It is interesting how I can compose an image because I like something about it but I can not put it to words, in this case, until later.

Choose your path


This path is a good one. It is the path to fitness. Calgary has almost 800 kilometers of bike paths. That is great for those who like to run, walk or cycle.  Some of the paths are used year round and cleared of snow in the winter time.

This path goes by the community of inglewood and is not a popular as the ones near the downtown core but that is okay with these three people riding and running at their own pace in the summer sun.



Bright paint on a white railway card. It looks like a painters canvas and I am sure that is how this artist saw it. The scale, the graphics, the colours are all that of an artist. Some see this as vandalism and some see it as art.


Edge of the Earth


In the country the roads are straight and long. When you go down a hill the road goes up to the sky and it appears that this would be the edge of the world if the world was square. I look at it as a road to the sky and clouds. The ultimate view for cloud watching.

This image was created by stitching together seven vertical images. I wanted to capture the length of the road but also the width of the sky and clouds.



The Stampede Parade was last Friday. Unfortunately I was working but fortunately I can see the parade from my office.

I made a few images from my window with a longer lens. I liked the lines of the marching band members as they marched by this gap between two buildings. I have a few more image from the parade that I will post here later in the month.

One Light



Yeah that is where we are parking tonight.

But it is so dark.

There is one light. Isn’t that enough?

No. Let me out around front and you can park the car.

That is how I see this image. A story that could get scary very quick. I created this image at noon but because of the very bright light I had to change the exposure so it didn’t turn into a giant white blob. When I did this it gave the image the look of a dark alley in the middle of the night.

Silver and Black


Look straight down, expose for the highlights and take the composition as it appears. In post I converted it to black and white and cloned out a few spots. I am happy with the final version of this abstract image.

Last week we had a parade and these were the portable aluminum bleachers along the roads. I was on a pedestrian overpass and able to look down on these bleaches. I did not have many options for composition as I looked over the edge. I made one image and that is all I needed this time.