Monthly Archives: June 2016

Water in the Park


Water flows through this downtown oasis. People meet friends or family for lunch in the sun on the green grass. A space that is peaceful and warm in the middle of the concrete and glass towers.



A beautiful walk with my wife and my camera. Keeping an eye out for interesting subjects. This excavator caught my attention. From a few blocks away I could see that one on the teeth on the bucket was missing. As I walked closer I was trying to figure out how I could capture this. Straight on would put the machine and cab in the back ground and take the focus away from the bucket. Then I wondered if I got down low and made the image looking up with the sky as the background would that work. I put my back against the cab, crouched down a bit and looked up ate the sky. First image not wide enough so I crouched down again and this is what I created. This is also what I had in mind as I approached the excavator.



Inbetween two towers a crane lifts concrete to the top of a new tower to continue the growth of the city. Office or condo the story is the same, reach for the sky and create new spaces to work and live in the downtown core.



About this time in 2013 this river, The Bow River, flooded higher than it ever has. It change the course of the river. The big rock bar/island was formed in the background splitting the river channel. One of the new features of the river was this static wave. It didn’t take long until surfers started riding it.

This day I was on a walk at lunch and two surfers were taking turns surfing this wave. It was fun to watch. This one surfer pictured here could stay up for quite a while. It gave me a chance to make a few images of him in action.Surfing-8656-2

The water that quiets the city


At the end of May the water comes back to the city centre. Now, with the return of the water, theses areas become a watery oasis between the concrete and glass towers. The sound of the water drowns out the sounds of the city. It is a great place to sit in the sun or the shade, have some lunch or read a book  and sometimes to just get lost in your thoughts.



Standing in Bowmont Park looking west into the Bow River valley. I watch the rafts go down the river full of sun worshipers and those seeking a way to cool down. On the other side of the river is Bowness. Once its own town and now a part of Calgary it still holds that small town charm. It has a nice main street area and the neighbours are, well, neighbourly.

I have not been to park before. My family went exploring in this park a few days ago and brought me back with them to share the wonderful view.



Under the building at Ralph Klein Park just above water level is a walkway. Some of it is accessible but this section is not. I like it because it leads the eye to the end where a brick wall is and there are no railings to distract from the concrete lines.

Dock 1


I wonder if there is a Dock 2? I recently have seen a few industrial buildings with large numbers on the overhead doors. They are places I want to go back and see if I can make a few images of these large numbers.

This shipping dock was at a local shopping mall. I liked the bright “Dock 1” sign against the dark brick. I made two images here. I vertical and one horizontal. This is the vertical image cropped to a square aspect ratio. I did not find that the colour version of the image added anything so I processed it as a black and white image.

Prairie Park


RK_Park-8569This morning was a beautiful blue sky day. Not exceptionally warm but warm enough. I went to Ralph Klein Park, a beautiful prairie park with irrigation wetlands. A slight breeze was blowing and the birds were floating and playing in the breeze. I enjoyed the scenery and the walk. I was one of only a handful of people there. I don’t think many people know about this prairie gem on the southeast edge of the city.