Monthly Archives: June 2016



Another long exposure image from the water feature were yesterday’s image was created. This one I converted to Black and white. Sometimes long exposure images can have a colour shift that is hard t correct so the final image works best as a black and white image.



I quite like how this image turned out. This is a long exposure of a water feature. The water falling down the concrete almost disappears and the froth from the falling water blurs into the blue.



I like to make images of the close-up details of things. With a little thought the viewer will figure out what the image is.

This is green plastic pipe for running underground power for street lights. Slowly our city is changing all the street lights to LED’s. The will save the city lots of money with the reduction of power used by the LED’s. They are working in my neighbourhood and this large spool of pipe (about five feet high) was intriguing and made me want to create some kind of an image of this green coiled pipe.

Cleaning up


Here is a different perspective on a construction site. I walked by once on the sidewalk. I thought there might be an opportunity for a different point of view from the bridge overhead. I made my way up and this was a much better point of view. I really like the almost monotone feel of the majority of the image with the red broom and wheelbarrow.

Clouds at the End


The sky has been dramatic these past few days. With it comes little quick rain storms. As I walked at lunch the clouds rolled in but the rain held off until I got back to work. It was great though watching the clouds move and change in the sky.

First to Fall


The longest day of the year also known as the first day of summer was just a few days ago but yesterday I found this, a yellow fall leaf. I know this does not mean anything like fall is coming three months early but it is a reminder that seasons change and summer is short so I need to make the most of it.

After the Rain


After the rain the warm evening sun emerges on last time for this day. The sun illuminates the soft white petals of the flowers giving them a warm yellow glow. The remains of the rain sit on the flower just until the sun warms them away.

Three Doors


Three doors on a brick wall. I am curious and would like to know what’s behind these doors. Do they lead to the same place, Is it a secret club or are they just exit doors from a large brick building. You make up your own story.



I like images that are unfamiliar and abstract. It makes me wonder what it could be even though I created the image. Sometimes it is just part of the original image as is the case here. With these images I hope to make the viewer think and question what they are looking at.