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My Brother raises bees. The more I find out about bees the more fascinated I am with them.

This is a close-up macro image on a newly built honeycomb. As my brother held it up yo the sun to inspect the bees progress I stood on the other side and capture the sun illuminating the amazing structure the bees have created.



There is a store called Plant and it specializes in terrariums so it has lots of succulents. I like going into this store because of the many things I can photograph. There are endless possibilities. They have a new location with large glass overhead garage doors so the light is great for making images.

This is one of the many plants they carry. I liked this one because of the smooth repeating shapes. It is strange looking and sometime strange is also interesting.




Looking up at the sky through the neon lights. I thought the lines and the colours were interesting as I walked by. I stopped and made two images that are virtually the same. A little boost in contrast, saturation and a square crop is all it took to get it to this point.



I don’t mind doing dishes. It gives me satisfaction and is kind of (I said kind of) meditative. The warm water, the process of cleaning, looking out the window as the sun shines in and the world goes by.

Today I pulled the shade down so the sun would not shine on the bread and fruit on the counter top. Ther shade was not all the way down and a crack at the bottom of the window allowed the sunlight to make a path of light across the bubbles in the sink. The dishes were done and as I look at this light on the bubbles I see a possible image. I grab my camera and set it to spot meter on the bright bubbles. I wanted a light streak across the frame with dark edges and that is what I got.

Going to Seed


It seems a little early for plants to “go to seed” although this one is an early bloomer. It usually is the first flower of the year (except for dandelions). This hairy little seed pod was once the beautiful purple Prairie Crocus that I have posted photos of here before. It is the first to poke through the snow to tell us winter weary people that spring is coming. Now it shows us the shaggy side of itself. These hairs reaching for the sky are very soft to the touch. I think they are rather whimsical, like nature is getting more artistic/creative than usual.

Dine In


This image is just down the block from yesterday’s image. The beauty here is in the hand painted sign. It is rare to see this craft these days with the popularity of printing digital images and using those either in vinyl or other materials.

I thought I would capture just a corner of the sign instead of the whole sing. Sometimes the details are more interesting to me than the whole scene. I like the frame on this sign and these hand painted waves.



Kane’s is a diner in the Inglewood area. It is also a Harley Davidson shop as well. This image shows the back patio area of the diner. The Motorcycle shop is behind me in this image. I have never eaten here but I have heard it is good food.

On this day the bright orange drew my attention and also the large but simple sign above the door. I made two images here this one and one that was horizontal/landscape. I felt this one was a better image as it showed more of the fence in the foreground.



I am not a fan of waiting. I am sure I have mentioned this before. I think it is because waiting in not a productive use of time. With my camera I can sometimes be creative and productive while waiting or with technology (phone/tablet) I can catch up on reading articles I have archived.

One of the thing I don’t like the most and don’t like more than waiting is being sick. This encompases waiting to get better, waiting for the doctor, and more waiting. I don’t like feeling sick.

When I am sick I do not feel like I can focus on much so being productive is out the door. I still try and create images wherever and whenever I can. Sometimes making images while waiting for the doctor (like the image above). It gives me a little satisfaction but the only way to get better is rest and wait.



The joke goes like this, “There are two seasons in this city, winter and construction”. Although construction seems to be a year round event now. In this area they are replacing all the sidewalks and light standards. This is a popular shopping district that people love to walk from store to store but this year it will be an obstacle course to get to where you want to go.

As I left this little store, one of the last original houses on the street, I saw this brightly vested worker watching the heavy equipment tear up the old sidewalk in preparation for the new one. The tall building next door is butted right up to the roof of this little house making this tunnel of darkness leading to the bright vest of the worker. I exposed for the bright end of the tunnel so the walls would go dark and the worker would stand out.



My Mother is a creative, an artist. She creates with fabric. She knits wonderful things and is an amazing quilter. As long as I can remember she has always been this way. When we were kids she made our clothes. I still have a quilted blankets from that time, I think they call the fabric polyester.

Every time I am in a yarn or fabric shop I am attracted to the buttons. My mom had a button box and so did my grandmothers and great grandmother. I always remember looking through the button boxes and being fascinated with all the buttons. The different shapes, sizes, colours and number of holes or types of attachment. I am not sure why I remember this but it is a nice memory that is brought up when I see the rows and rows of buttons in these shops.