The big picture


An interesting building I found in an area a drive by all the time. The front of this building has a wall of windows. It would make an interesting store or cafe. For now it is used for storage.

This is where I created yesterdays abstract detail image using the texture of the overhead door. I also liked the whole building so I created this image. I like all the squares and rectangles against the brick. It is the alley side of the building not many people see but I still find interesting.



AN abstract detail image is a favorite of mine weather created by myself or someone else. It is a thinking image. It makes the viewer wonder what they are looking at but it is also interesting and pleasing to the eye because of the patterns or details. Tomorrow I will post an image that shows where this detail image was created from.



The remnants of a school year gone by. The chain link fence of a local school holds the locks no longer needed after the end of a school year. The weather taking its time to wear the shine away.  Only a few more weeks until the buses roll by and drop of the students of a new school year.



Another Child walks by and the snow leopard’s eyes follow along. Sitting quietly almost invisible in plane site. I was watching and I was not sure if he was interested in them or hungry. He just stayed in this spot and watched as people moved by. A beautiful animal that I only want to see this close when they are in an enclosure.




The name restaurant sounds busy and loud but the name diner sounds quiet and comfortable. With few tables it can be crowded and full of energetic conversation but at the right time it is a quiet and relaxing place for a long drawn out dinner with family or friends.

Small town on a saturday morning


Small town Alberta on a quiet saturday morning. The streets are slowly waking. No one is in a rush. This is a day to enjoy at the pace or the rising sun. People cross the street where they like. Crosswalks are for city folk. The beep of the car as the doors lock tells everyone you are not from here as none of the local lock their doors in this small town.

Washing and Greasing


It was a nice day trip to a small town. The modern world has brought it change to this town. As big box stores line the new main road the older part of town seem to be forgotten or stuck in time. Beautiful old building show signs of what they once were. No the are a measure of passing time.

Bubbles #2


Here is another image from last week when someone put soap in one of the water features in a local park. This guy walked past me and disappeared into the bubbles. I like him in the image as it show a sense of scale and just how high the bubbles were.