Around and Down


I find myself in this building eight or ten times a year. These stairs are not used much because there are lots of escalators and elevators. Many people are carrying bags so they don’t want to use the stairs.

I like going where others dont’. Explore the quiet parts of the building. On my most recent visit to this building I had some spare time so I thought I would explore the stairs and see if I could create a few images. I like this image although I have a few ideas for some different perspectives. I will be coming back in just over a month. Hopefully I can create something new and different.

Old School #2


Here is another image from a university campus. I find most university campuses very beautiful in the spring, summer and fall. There is lots of outdoor green space and big beautiful trees. Everything is so well maintained. It is a great place to go to escape the city and traffic. A great place to relax in the shade of a large tree.


Framed Sunset


I was leaving a building at the end of the day. I took the stairs instead of the elevator. That decision brought me to this scene. The sun setting behind these tall trees all neatly framed by this window in the stairwell. I stopped and watched for a while the made an image. What a view.

The Calgary Tower


The iconic Calgary Tower is certainly the dominating part of this image although there are other gems to be found. The great reflection of the right of the building on the left. The beautiful Palliser Hotel in the center of the image. It is one of the oldest and grandest hotels in Calgary. The red in the tower mirrored in the red brake lights of the traffic. Sometimes I create an image for one reason but when I process it I see all these other reasons that drew me to this image but I didn’t know it at the time.