Framed Landscape


A framed Landscape is a great idea. The Leighton Art Center has placed a gold frame in the field outside the art centre house. It makes for a great image. The frame seems to float in the air giving a beautiful framed landscape.

Although this image, mostly the frame, looks Photoshopped it is not. At least the frame isn’t. I cleaned up the frame in  Lightroom as there were bird droppings on it (I am sure the birds love sitting on the frame). I did a small perspective correction to make the frame as square as possible. The one thing I did that helps this image the most is I removed the two steel poles holding the frame up to make it look like it is floating above the prairie.

The View


The View is spectacular. The rocky Mountains from the living room window. This was the home of A.C. Leighton who was a painter and his wife Barbara who was a wood block print maker and an artist with fibre and metal. The home is located south of Calgary and has the most spectacular views from the home and from the land. Now it is the Leighton Art Center. A gallery and teaching studio. We enjoy the drive out, the art and a long walk across the land that once was Leightons.



Behind the Chain Link fence sits a row or Herzog rail cars for as far as I could see. These cars are for railway maintenance. As far as I could tell these cars are the one that drop the crushed rock on both sides of the tracks.

I like the framing of the word in the chain link fence diamonds. I thought the black and white conversion would make a better final image. Not much more done to this image than the black and white, conversion, a little crop, a little contrast and a small vignette.

Summer Flower


Warm Summer days are great for neighbourhood walks. It is great to see what is happening close to home. Along these walks are many opportunities to create images. This image is a weed growing along a fence near an alley. I liked the bright yellow and the dark shadow in the background. A few quick edits, a square crop and the image is completed.



Patterns in nature are unpredictable. No one could tell you how the rain would fall and create mud that the sun would dry and cracks would for just like this. That is the great part about nature. It is no predictable or perfect. I think that is why nature is so photogenic.



With some construction there has to be destruction first. This is the case throughout the city as the repave existing roads. In the evenings the heavy duty equipment is parked all in a row waiting for another day.

For me, this was an interesting scene. The equipment is parked where school buses normal park to let off students. Also I was amazed at how deep they are going to remove the old road before they put in the new road.



Before they fly off to Nose Hill for the night the crows come to this fresh cut school field and eat their fill of whatever they can find in the grass. Then as we continued our walk they all started to gather in the middle of the field. Why? I am not sure but they all flew to the one group, a murder of crows.





I created this image because of the orange buoys in the water but now that I see it again I see what I was composing as more than that. The flow of everything in the image seems to go from left to right. The cars, The cyclist and even the buoys seem to draw my eye that way. It is interesting how I can compose an image because I like something about it but I can not put it to words, in this case, until later.